From Reading to Writing [Secondary School]

Mr Ang Swee Choon, Mdm Kwek Siew Hoon, Mr Mao Zhaohui
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Infusing a set of theories and strategies from the fields of educational psychology and language pedagogy, this package aims to help secondary school students find fun in writing by providing teachers with effective writing teaching strategies that focus on the development of students’ reading and thinking skills.The design concepts and theoretical framework of the toolkit is elaborated in the first chapter. The purpose is to help teachers better understand the theories behind the approach adopted.The second chapter provides instructions on the teaching of three writing strategies. A fundamental analytic skill, the “PEEL reading and writing strategy”, is effective in helping students understand the structure of a paragraph and identify the different types of sentences within it. The second strategy, “writing based on critical thinking”, aims at stimulating students’ critical thinking through reading, which will eventually enable students to generate more ideas and contents for their compositions. Finally, the third strategy, “reading for imitative writing and ‘sequel’ writing”, focuses on improving the structure and organization of students’ writing.13 lesson plans, 13 PowerPoint slideshows, 12 text structures worksheets and 2 dissertations are included in the third chapter the CD for reference.        When students are equipped with better writing techniques, given more training for their reading and thinking skills, they will be able to generate more contents and become better in structuring their essays. In this way, they will definitely find writing easier and more enjoyable.

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