Come, Let’s Celebrate! Preschool Teaching Activities and Evaluation (CH & EN), Resources, Interactive Art Book A & B for Festivals of Singapore [Preschool]

Dr Cheng Wan-Ni, Dr Tan Chee Lay, Mdm Zheng Yingjiang
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“Come, Let’s Celebrate! Preschool Teaching Activities and Evaluation for Festivals of Singapore” stemmed from Tyler’s objective-centered model to provide lesson examples related to festivals of Singapore’s diverse ethnicities and cultures. It aims to propose a framework and approach to teaching activities related to such festivals. General knowledge and guiding values in early childhood education are embedded in the introductions of these festivals, which include accessible background reading and several suggested teaching activities. Early childhood teachers can modify and extend the activities of a specific festival for other festivals as well. To provide teachers with evaluation tools, each teaching activity also contains a suggested assessment based on different learning areas.

“Come, Let’s Celebrate! Preschool Teaching Resources for Festivals of Singapore” teaching tools linked to the thirteen important festivals celebrated in Singapore. The tools include six medium-sized backgrounds that could be used for classroom decorations, four larger-sized stage backdrops, and close to a hundred elements that could be used for story-telling, role-playing and language games.

“Come, Let's Celebrate! Preschool Interactive Art Book” contains reusable stickers to reenacted scenes of festivals, like donning traditional costumes, eating festive food, visiting the homes of other ethnic groups , as well as travelling in Singapore. The ready-made interactive art book also includes 3D art materials for children, and hence a handy and useful festival teaching tool for teachers and parents, easing their burden of preparing the materials. Parents and children can also make use of the book together, and hopefully this will enhance parent-child relationship.

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