Targeted Teaching for Primary 1 Oral Chinese [Primary School]

Dr Fan Jinhua, Mdm Chow Fong Yee, Mdm Tan Yan Ni
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This teaching toolkit begins with an introduction to the concept of targeted teaching and proceeds to re-arrange in a progressive order the oral skills as presented in Primary 1 Chinese language textbooks. On the basis of this, it comes up a set of 34 lesson plans, complete with PowerPoint slides and activity sheets. The teaching plans are designed in line with the Oracy Theatre and Real-Life Application sections in the textbooks. With this toolkit, teachers will be able to follow the general progress of the textbooks while targeting at students of different levels to strengthen and improve their skills. Teachers may follow the lessons plans in the toolkit. Alternatively, they may also use the chart of re-arranged skills to design their own syllabus according to their students' specific learning needs.

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