Enhancing Chinese Oral Narrative Skills [Primary School]

Dr Li Li, Mdm Tan Geok Hoon, Mdm Au Su Yee
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This teaching toolkit is a refined version of the intervention materials used in a two-year experimental research conducted by SCCL in 2014 on enhancing Chinese oral narrative skills. It is designed for Chinese oral language teaching from Primary 3 onwards and may be utilized as supplementary or school-based programme materials.

The toolkit comprises 12 lesson plans and accompanying PowerPoint slides, complemented with activity sheets, audio stories, self- and peer- assessment sheets for students, and self-reflection checklists for teachers. Focusing on students’ everyday life, the toolkit content also includes familiar fairy tales and interesting animal stories. Students’ will be trained step by step through various tasks and activities designed to enhance their narrative skills.

The systematic and explicit teaching of narrative skills will equip students with knowledge about narrative structure, describing details and text cohesion, and eventually enhance their oral competence in Chinese language. Students’ understanding of the narrative structure will help in developing their reading comprehension and composition skills.

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