More Reading for More Fun [Primary School]

Mr Ang Swee Choon, Mr Mao Zhaohui
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Infusing theories from the field of educational psychology, this package aims to help primary school students find fun in reading by providing teachers with effective teaching strategies for Chinese vocabulary acquisition and thinking skills development.

Based on L. W. Anderson’s taxonomy of knowledge, the first chapter of this package tackles vocabulary acquisition by classifying vocabulary with a modified classification model, and then recommending 6 teaching methods for these different categories of vocabulary, namely: 1) Explanation through Examples, 2) Show and Tell, 3) Comparison and Contrast, 4) Deconstruction, 5) Translation and 6) Demonstration by Performing. A total of 12 lesson plans, 12 PowerPoint slideshows and 12 worksheets are included in this chapter.

The second chapter focuses on reading strategies, where teachers can train students to look out for “5W1H”, “PEEL” and opportunities of “Thinking Transfer” in school textbooks. 13 lesson plans, 13 PowerPoint slideshows and 16 worksheets are included in this chapter.

To help teachers better understand the theories behind our production, design concepts, instructions and dissertations are also provided in the CD for reference.

When students are equipped with better reading techniques, provided with more opportunities for knowledge transfer and have less difficulty with vocabularies, they will definitely find reading less tedious and enjoy reading in time to come.

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