Creative Writing: Our E-learning Way! [Secondary School]

Dr Tan Chee Lay, Mdm Teoh Hee San, Ms Puah Lynn Dee
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Based on theories of creative thinking, the 8 lesson plans in this toolkit provide different creative strategies (including association, imagination, sensory experience, creative titling, rewriting, role-playing, relay writing, and time/space-travel) to help students think out of the box and enhance their creative writing ability through collaborative learning. All the lesson plans have been experimented in schools with satisfactory results.

Apart from lesson plans, the toolkit consists of PowerPoint presentations, an article on the theoretical framework of the toolkit, scholarly papers and other materials, aiming to better provide support for teachers who wish to use ICT in the teaching of creative writing.

 Complementing the toolkit is an online writing portal "iWrite" (iwrite.sg) which was constructed for teachers and students to write interactively inside and outside the classroom. 

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