The Frequency Dictionary of Daily Chinese Words Encountered by Singapore Students(CD)

Dr Goh Hock Huan , Dr Lin Jinzhan, Mr Zhao Chunsheng
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This dictionary contains high-frequency words that make up 90% of the words in the Singapore Students Daily Written Chinese Corpus developed by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. The words in this dictionary are arranged by their frequency in descending order. To facilitate word search, four indexes are appended to the dictionary, namely, (1) Index of Commonly-Used Words, (2) Index of Commonly-Used Idioms and Phrases, (3) Index of Commonly-Used Names of Places, Organisations and Communities in Singapore, and (4) Index of Common Words Unique in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

This dictionary is an achievement of a baseline study in Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. Professor Chew Cheng Hai believes that this dictionary will play a positive role in Singapore's Chinese language teaching. With the launch of this dictionary, Singapore Chinese teachers will have a glossary specially compiled for their professional use. This glossary can be further used as a reference for the preparation of teaching materials, the construction of Chinese test question banks, the development of a language learning dictionary for students, or a bilingual learning dictionary.

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