Santa’s Red Headscarf

Dr. Cheng Wan-Ni
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Santa Claus comes to Singapore again this year. On his way flying here, a gust blows his hat away. Without his hat, he will not look like Santa Claus... Just then, Santa Claus receives a gift from a mysterious old granny. Do you want to know what's the present? This story links the uniquely Singapore Samsui women's red headscarf with Santa Claus's red hat where Santa himself guides children through the Samsui women's history.


The “Singapore Kids’ Picture Book Series”

The “Singapore Kids’ Picture Book Series”, published by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, is a collection of Chinese picture books written exclusively for children in Singapore.
Every story in the series carries a typical Singapore cultural theme. The scenes depict the familiar local environment, and the characters possess the unique cultural traits of tropical Singapore.
The picture books consist of a medley of simple narrative stories to illustrate how children can learn to handle the uncertainties they may struggle with in their social life experiences.
The stories in the series, though simple, are deeply inspiring and are written by experts in the field of early childhood education.
We hope that this picture book series will become a treasured companion to Singapore children in their growing-up years.

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Dr. Cheng Wan-Ni is a veteran early-childhood educationist with decades of experience in practice, policy and teacher training. An expert in regard to theory and practice, Dr. Cheng specializes in early-childhood curriculum, child development, preschool management and child welfare. Currently, she serves as the dean of the Early Childhood Care and Education Department at the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL).

Dr. Cheng, who is an award-winning writer, has in recent years begun to write children’s picture books. She has published several picture books that incorporate and explore elements of Singaporean culture. Dr. Cheng authored the first teaching kit for early-childhood educators on multicultural festivals and celebrations in Singapore. She also organized a local preschool teaching-aid competition. Her book, which was shortlisted for the “Best Educational Book” category in the Singapore Book Awards, features an innovative approach to research and delivers a fresh perspective on local topics.

Dr. Cheng has leveraged her passion for literature as well as her expertise in childhood development and games to augment the development of children's board games in Singapore. Her area of research, however, is not limited to language, pedagogy and cross-cultural adjustment for non-local preschool Chinese language teachers. Her recent research examines marketing, consumerism and pop culture in interactive games, smartphone devices and mixed media aimed at children. She also serves as a consultant for Taiwanese and Japanese gaming companies that design and develop products targeting youth.

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