Monster Western Clinic

Dr. Cheng Wan-Ni
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For children, seeing a doctor is always a fearful thing. The author portrays an imaginary “Monster Western Clinic” from the perspective of children, depicting the fear of the unknown that children experience before they see a doctor. The imagined scenario is juxtaposed with an actual experience of seeing a doctor to help alleviate children’s fears and soothe their anxiety about seeing a doctor. This picture book is suitable for children who are afraid to see a doctor, refuse to see a doctor, do not like to see a doctor, or have not seen a doctor before.


The “Singapore Kids’ Picture Book Series”

The “Singapore Kids’ Picture Book Series”, published by the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, is a collection of Chinese picture books written exclusively for children in Singapore.
Every story in the series carries a typical Singapore cultural theme. The scenes depict the familiar local environment, and the characters possess the unique cultural traits of tropical Singapore.
The picture books consist of a medley of simple narrative stories to illustrate how children can learn to handle the uncertainties they may struggle with in their social life experiences.
The stories in the series, though simple, are deeply inspiring and are written by experts in the field of early childhood education.
We hope that this picture book series will become a treasured companion to Singapore children in their growing-up years.

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Publication Date
2020 (Second Edition)

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