“New Stars Island” Graded Picture Book Series - Grade 2

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The stories in the “New Stars Island” Graded Picture Book Series are the winning entries of the “Creativity, No Boundaries!” National Children’s Story Writing Competition held in 2016. Specially commissioned for preschool children and primary students in Singapore, this series comprises six levels, each level consisting of six books. The stories in level one and two are specially denoted with hanyu pinyin. As the difficulty level increases across the levels, parents and teachers can select suitable books according to their children’s reading proficiency and learning progress.

Every story in the “New Stars Island” is the fruit of labour by residents and students in Singapore. Packed with the authors’ wondrous imagination and the illustrators’ extraordinary creativity, this series promises to enthrall every child with its novelty. “New Stars Island” is suitable for both parent-child co-reading and children’s self reading.

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《神奇的笔》 978-981-11-3910-9
《童话世界一日游》 978-981-11-3911-6


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