Three-Wheeled Cart

Dr Tan Chee Lay, Mr Yang Chiao-Chuan
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My dear friends, have you ever taken a ride on a “three wheeled cart”? Have your parents or teachers taken a ride on a “three wheeled cart” when they were kids? An old lady took a three wheeled cart ride and did not know how to pay the fee. Could you give her a helping hand?

"The Little Caterpillar"

Pre-School Graded Picture Book Series

The Little Caterpillar Pre-School Graded Picture Book Series, co-published by Singapore Centre for Chinese Language ( A centre of Nanyang Technological University) and Lu Feng Technology Inc,is specifically designed according to preschoolers’ reading ability.The current series comprises 4 levels, suitable for children aged from 3 to 7.  Parents and teachers can select the appropriate reading books according to the children’s reading ability and carry out reading activities with them, step by step. This series of picture books with its specific targets contains interesting stories and enriched activities for the reader. Each book comes with an interactive DVD packed with animated stories, reading activities and MP3 files.  We hope that children will have a pleasurable experience in reading, playing and also learning Chinese. 

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Lu Feng Technology Inc.

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