The Life and Times of Carl

Guo Tingting
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Carl is a Siberian weasel. He grew up under the care of his elder brother and learned survival skills from him. One day, Carl was so playful that he nearly became an eagle’s meal. His brother, who shielded him with his body, was not so lucky. The eagle grabbed his brother and disappeared into the sky. After this incident, Carl picked himself up and became stronger and braver. He now learnt to take care of his family, and undertook the responsibility as an elder brother.


"Rainbow Bridge"

 Interactive Graded Picture Book Series

As part of its effort to promote creative writing, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language organised a National Story Writing Competition in 2013. The winning entries are published in this Interactive Graded Picture Book Series entitled "Rainbow Bridge". These fascinating stories are all written by students studying in local schools and their parents.

Graded under six levels for students ranging from preschool to primary school levels, the Series, filled with interactive elements, is ideal for family reading time. Books from Grade 1 to 3 adapt the pop-up book concept. Elements like pop-ups, flip-flaps and cut-away pages, integrated into the stories in an organic flow, are designed to trigger children to tap on their multiple intelligences and raise their interest in reading. Next in level are books from Grade 4 to 6, which are more storyline-oriented. Interactive games, which require readers to harness their observation skills, are interlaced in the story so as to enhance readers' reading experience. 

Also in a bid to contribute to the local art scene, the Series is an inaugural collaboration between NTU-SCCL Press editors and a new generation of local artists as well as art students. The mesmerizing graphics and creative games in the Series were all accomplished together by the creative team.

From its very first stage of conceptualization, the "Rainbow Bridge"-- Interactive Graded Picture Book Series adheres to the mission of promoting local creative works. The editorial team wishes that readers enjoy the Series as much as we enjoyed its production, and through the “play to learn” process employed in the Series, we wish that Singapore students can ultimately find joy in reading Chinese books.

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Author(s): Guo Tingting

Illustrator: Teo Wen Jian

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