JCLE Vol 10, No.2 (Issue 20)

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1) Advocating Assessment for Learning: Problems of Teachers' Scoring Rubrics in the Early Stage of Development and Possible Solutions
2) A Study of the Instructional Language Features in Confucius's Analects
3) The Discourse Semantics and Functional Analysis of "dangran (当然)"
4) The Singapore Secondary Level Chinese Language Textbook Compilation and Selection System : A Criticism and Reconstruction
5) Transitivity Analysis of Sentences in Singapore Primary One Students' Compositions
6) Immersion Teaching Strategies for Non-Chinese Speaking Students to Learn Chinese as a Second Language in Hong Kong

Journal of Chinese Language Education

The Journal of Chinese Language Education (JCLE) is a fully-refereed biannual academic journal published by the Singapore Chinese Teachers' Union (SCTU) and the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. JCLE focuses on theoretical and practical issues in teaching and learning Chinese as a second language. It was officially included in the list of journals under the prestigious Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) (Overseas) in January 2014.

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