JCLE Vol 13, No.1 (Issue 25)

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1) Development of a Corpus-based Resource Platform for Chinese Language Teaching in Singapore
2) Three Issues in the Development of Basic Chinese Character Lists
3) The Differentiation of Near-synonyms Yinqi and Chansheng and Its Pedagogical Application
Chinese Contemporary Popular Literature in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL) : Example of a TCSL Class in Australia
4) Design-based Research of Joyful Learning of Mandarin Wording with Maze Illustrations
5) Teaching of Reading Through Tabular Analysis of Narrative Text Structures Based on Genre Pedagogy: A Sample Teaching Design and Lesson Plan Using Singapore Chinese Teaching Materials

Journal of Chinese Language Education

The Journal of Chinese Language Education (JCLE) is a fully-refereed biannual academic journal published by the Singapore Chinese Teachers' Union (SCTU) and the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language. JCLE focuses on theoretical and practical issues in teaching and learning Chinese as a second language. It was officially included in the list of journals under the prestigious Chinese Social Sciences Citation Index (CSSCI) (Overseas) in January 2014.

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