Move, Chinese! — Mobile technology and seamless language learning

Dr Wong Lung-Hsiang, Dr Chin Chee Kuen
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The book investigates the strategy of practicing seamless learning in language education, especially in second/foreign language learning. Under the circumstance where the use of target language is insufficient, there is an urgent need of a language environment for the application of second languages that goes beyond classrooms and into the everyday life. Based on their years of research and practical experience, the authors proposed a “seamless language learning framework”. It encourages language educators to take an omni-directional approach to the design of classroom teaching and afterschool learning activities from the perspective of individual learners, rather than restricting pedagogical design to a classroom context. This strategy aims to enhance learners’ language abilities and also develop their habits and competence of interdisciplinary, constructive learning, inside or outside the formal learning environment.

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Nanjing University Press

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