Chinese Language Curriculum and Pedagogy: The Singapore Context

Dr Chin Chee Kuen
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English is often regarded as the main language in Singapore and is officially the language of instruction in all subjects apart from mother tongue languages. Chinese language proficiency varies vastly from one student to another, and is closely associated with family language backgrounds. A mass customisation approach that allows us to meet the needs of different groups of students must therefore be adopted in the teaching of Chinese language.  

This landmark publication, consisting of 9 scholarly articles, is divided into two thematic sections. The first section explores the challenges faced by Chinese language teaching and learning, against the backdrop of an evolving educational landscape. The second section presents a concise overview of theories and researches in second language acquisition and offers a synthesis of the most effective ways to facilitate and enhance teaching and learning in the Chinese language classroom. This important publication provides useful information for both educators and researchers in the fields of language education and Chinese curriculum.

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