Action and Reflection in the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language

Dr Tan Chee Lay
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As the third book of the SCCL professional publication series, Action and Reflection in the Teaching of Chinese as a Second Language is a compilation of research articles from different countries and regions with a focus on showcasing teaching theories and strategies that are realized in the actual classroom setting. These articles also share experience of how learners use and apply Chinese in their everyday lives. The book includes five interrelated areas, namely the theory and practice of Chinese as a second language, curriculum and teaching materials, teaching pedagogies, information technology used as an aid to teaching and assessment of/for teaching.  The book is highly recommended for educators and academics of teaching Chinese as a second language and anyone who is interested in Chinese education. It deals with theories of second language teaching, lesson plans and teaching materials, which are far-sighted, inspiring and effective. It serves as a valuable and important reference in the field of teaching Chinese as a second language.

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