Professional Development for Teachers as Researchers – Action research

Dr Yan Jing, Dr Soh Kay Cheng, Dr Goh Hock Huan
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Action research is important to teachers’ professional development. It has been practiced in Singapore for more than 10 years. Many teachers have experience of conducting action research while more teachers are still in the process of exploration. This book aims to provide theoretical and practical support for teachers embarking on action research.
It consists of two parts: 1) Principles and methods of action research, and 2) Action research in practice. The first part gives a concise definition of action research and explains the procedures involved. Research methods, such as classroom observation, interview, language testing and questionnaire survey, are also introduced with practical examples. The second part includes six action research reports by teachers. Covering various topics, these reports will serve as important references for teachers who intend to conduct their own action research in the future.

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