Course Code: 13356
STP Blended PLM: Facilitating Differentiated Instruction (Sec CL)
by Dr Kwek Siew Hoon & Ms Li Dongmei
Sub-CategoryDifferentiated Instructions
Duration (Hrs)6 hours
01/09/2020 & 30/09/2020
(3.00pm-5.00pm) (Online lesson)
VenueAST ( Location Map)

Course Objective

In this blended learning module, participants will:
1. understand the general principles of Differentiated Instructions (DI) in Chinese Language classroom practice;
2. plan and enact aspects of STP to bring about an effective lesson by:
- considering learners’ profiles in aChinese Language classroom;
- selecting instructional strategies appropriate to subject disciplinarity;
- deciding on teaching aids and learning resources;
- exercising flexibility;
- pacing and maintaining momentum; and
- setting meaningful assignments

Course Outline

This blended learning module comprises online micro-learning units (MLUs) and 2 face-to face sessions. Participants learn about and discuss the principles of differentiated instruction, undergirded by our Singapore Curriculum Philosophy (SCP), to enact lessons which would serve the diverse needs of students in a Chinese Language class.
The MLUs will cover aspects of STP that would facilitate the enactment of an effective lesson. In the online and the first session, participants will explore ways to assess the profiles of their students and use the information gathered to plan a differentiated lesson for their class. They will then enact the lesson in school and reflect on this lesson. In the second session, participants will consolidate and share their learning with the other participants on this Chinese Language differentiated lesson which they had enacted.
Participants are advised to complete STP Online PLM: Facilitating DI prior to this course.

Course Prerequisite