Course Code: 13279
Imagery Kaleidoscope of Visual Poems (Pri-Sec)
by Ms Tiong Shiuan Shiuan
CategoryTeaching Literacy
Sub-CategoryCulture & Literature
Duration (Hrs)3 hours
(2.00pm-5.00pm) (Online lesson)
VenueOnline lesson ( Location Map)

Course Objective

On completion of this module, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the aesthetic function of visual poetry and the characteristics of language representation
2. Infuse imageries with poetic language to appreciate the beauty of visual poetry.
3. Apply teaching methods adopted in the current Primary textbook syllabus, and recreate poems with the knowledge of visual poetry, designed suitable for teaching.
4. Enhance fun in poetry teaching and language literacy, especially in the aesthetic aspect and appreciation level of visual poetry

Course Outline

Main course content:
1. Introduction of visual poetry
2. Aesthetic and linguistic features of visual poetry
3. Further analysis of Chinese and Western Visual Poetry: The beauty and fun elements of imageries in visual poetry
4. How to adopt visual poetry in creative teaching?
5. Poem Recreation through Flipped Classroom: Teachers to re-create poems adopted from Primary and Secondary Higher Chinese textbooks into a visual poem.
6. Extended activities: Teachers can create a visual poem on their handmade greeting card for any Chinese cultural festival.

Course Prerequisite