Course Code: 13276
Chinese Grammar Error Identification and Correction (Sec-JC/MI)
by Dr Liu Zhenping
CategoryTeaching Literacy
Sub-CategoryLanguage Acquisition
Duration (Hrs)14 hours
16/03/2020 & 17/03/2020
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course supported by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1.Determine the common grammar mistakes, provide suggestions to correct the mistakes and explain the reasons;
2.Identify the important and difficult grammar points in the textbooks, master the skills of solving the grammar difficutlt points, help students to improve their language ability;
3.Know the common grammar mistakes in writing, can modify the grammatically wrong sentences with proper exlainations, help students' to write well;
4.Generalize the basic mistake types in modifying grammatically wrong sentences of O level test, analyse the reasons behind them, then practice accordingly, so that to improve students' accuracy rating of modifying wrong sentences.
5. Summarize the mistake points affected by English from examples of actual mistakes by students, possess the ability to explain the mistake in comparison with Chinese and English.

Course Outline

The course outlines are:

1.Common grammar mistakes of Singapore Chinse teaching and Learning
Focus: Common grammar mistakes from Secondary to JC/CI, i.e.: confusing words, collocation errors, syntactic components incomplete and so on.
2.Common grammar points in Secondary to JC/CI Chinese textbooks
Focus:(1)Grammar points in each lesson;(2)Important and difficult grammar points;(3)Skills of solving the difficult grammar points.
3.Common grammar mistakes in writing
4.Types of modifying grammartically wrong sentences and training skills

Course Prerequisite