Course Code: 13229
Using Card Games Into Narrative Reading Comprehension (Sec/JC/MI) (CL)
by Mdm Sung Yi-Hui
Duration (Hrs)7 hours
01/10/2020 & 02/10/2020
(2.00pm-5.30pm) (Online lesson)
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course supported by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1. Use card games to teach narrative genre.
2. Understand the knowledge and skills of The Gamificaiton Teaching Model in teaching of reading in Chinese.
3. Apply the strategies of card games in teaching practice of reading of narrative genre to increase students' class participations and motivations for learning.
4. Develop students' "deeper reading and discussions skills".
5. Apply the knowledge and skills to design card-game reading leassons.

Course Outline

The course includes the following:
1.The secondary student's metacognitive processes in reading comprehension.
2.The reading difficulties and challenges faced by secondary school students.
3.Use narrative genre card games to help students better understand the difficult texts.
4.Design reading comprehension lessons: implementation of strategies and card games to comprehend, to analyze, and to appreciate the readings.
5. Guiding and correcting pupils in working on comprehension exercises.

The Card Game which is the same as the flip classroom, activating the students to have preview, teacher-student interaction, autonamous learning.
The only different is that the class uses the card game to enhance the teacher-student interaction.
The cards that is made by reading comprehension strategies. The narrative strategy cards not only can test the students' reading comprehension, but also can understand the students' overall observation while reading.
It can activate and understand the students' narrative analyze abilities in people, things, places, items. Furthermore, it can help students express the situation, emotions completely which is beneficial for sutdents' writing skills.
The Card Game not only used in the reading lesson, but also can be used in expression teaching and composition teaching.

Course Prerequisite