Course Code: 13089
How to Set Quality Primary Chinese Examination Papers (Pri) (CL)
by Ms Sim Lucy & Mdm Chua Suay Hong
Sub-CategorySetting of Test
Duration (Hrs)3 hours
(2.00pm-5.00pm) (Online lesson)
(2.00pm-5.00pm) (Online lesson)
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course recommended by CPDD.

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
1.Understand the baseline expectations of a CL paper.
2.Set different type of quality questions.
3.Vet question and provide feedback.

Course Outline

The course includes the following:
1.Essential theory and skills to set a quality CL paper.
2.Procedure of developing a quality CL paper.
3.Discuss school CL papers and learn how to set quality questions.
4.Group work on vetting paper and followed by reflection and sharing.

Course Prerequisite