Course Code: 13016
CL Quantitative Language Research Workshop (Specialist Diploma)
by Dr Soh Kay Cheng & Dr Li Li & Dr Zhang Limei & Dr Lin Jinzhan & Mr Lim Yee Pin
Sub-CategorySchool-based Research
Duration (Hrs)23 hours
06/03/2020 & 16/03/2020
VenueSCCL ( Location Map)

Course Objective

Course supported by CPDD.

The workshop is part of the Diploma in Quantitative Language Research Programme aims to equip participants to:
1.Perform Quantitative Language Research.
2.Evaluate researchability of a research topic and formulate a feasible research topic.
3.Understand common types of school-based research designs and design intervention study.
4.Design measurement tools and questionnaires used in school-based research.
5.Review of basic statistical techniques for language research.
6.Expand the statistical repertoire according to the research needs.
7.Consolidate learning of literature review and citation.
8.Embark on school-based research report (5000-6000 words) to attain the Specialist Diploma. (optional)

Course Outline

The content is as follows:
1.Language Research Approaches
• Characteristics of qualitative and quantitative research
• Conditions suitable for quantitative research
2.Topic Selection and Beyond
• Proposing a Language Education Research Topic
• Steps and procedures
3.School-based Quantitative Research
• Research Questions and Experimental Design
• Designing Intervention Study
• Reliability and Validity
4.Design of Measurement Tools
• Methods of designing questionnaires
• Interpreting results of data analysis relative to measurement tools development
5.Essential Statistical Analysis
• Descriptive statistics (Mean and standard deviation)
• Comparisons of students’ scores (Effect size, t-test)
6.Literature Review
• Literature Reading and Arrangement
• Format of Citation and Reference

Course Prerequisite

Courses related to the “Quantitative Language Research”, the course codes are: 12937, 12939, 12940, 12931, 12933, 12941.  For details, please refer to website: