Singapore Centre for Chinese Language (SCCL) provides TRAISI training courses to cater for schools’ training need. These courses can be conducted in schools. 


Application requirement:

  • At least 2 schools and at least 12 MOE-Employed Trained Education Officers
  • Application form must be submitted 2 months before the month which the course is conducted.
The Month which the course is conducted Date of Submission
January Before 01/10/17
February Before 01/12/17
March Before 02/01/18
April Before 01/02/18
May Before 01/03/18
June Before 01/04/18
July Before 01/04/18
August Before 01/06/18
September Before 01/06/18
October Before 01/08/18
November Before 01/08/18


  • All CL in-service TRAISI courses fees are borne by AST for the following group of MOE-Employed Trained Education Officers (EOs):

ü  Full Time Teachers

ü  Part Time Teachers: Half Load or 2/3 Load

ü  Contract-adjunct Teachers

ü  MOE Teachers who are seconded to Independent Schools


  • The course fee will be borne by the school for the following group of teachers:

ü  Flexi-adjunct

ü  Direct staff of Independent Schools



Any clarifications you may contact: