To support the educational needs of the 21st Century, the Singapore Centre for Chinese Language has rolled out the “Specialist Diploma in Quantitative Language Research” programme. This programme aims to quip Chinese Language teachers with the relevant knowledge and skills to conduct quantitative research, which aim to raise the standards of School-based Chinese Language Research.


 1. Programme design

  • This programme is recommended for Head of Departments (HOD), Subject Heads, Lead Teachers, Senior Teachers and teachers interested in leading school-based research.
  • These courses are conducted under Opal2.0 system. MOE will sponsor the training cost for the MOE-Employed Trained Education Officers.
  • The participants are required to complete 6 courses below, attend the Pedagogy Research workshop and to conduct a school-based research. Upon completion, to submit a school-based research report (5000-6000 words) to attain the Specialist Diploma in Quantitative Language Research.


Course code Course title Course outline Lecturer

Introduction to Language Research Approaches (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 1

A comparison between the functions of qualitative and quantitative research Dr Soh Kay Cheng

Research Designer: Topic Selection and Beyond (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 2

  1. Basics of Quantitative Language Research
  2. Formulating a feasible research topic
  3. Constructing a logical, operationable research design
Dr Li Li

School-based Quantitative Research: Experimental Design (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 3

  1. Comparison Group Pre-test/Post-test Design
  2. Non-comparison Group Pre-test/Post-test Design
  3. Random-groups Multi-factors Experimental Design
  4. Single Group and its Threats to Validity
Dr Li Li

Design of Measurement Tools in School-based Research (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 4

  1. Assessment
  2. Observation Record
  3. Attitude Scale
        Dr Zhang Limei

Essential Statistical Analysis of Language Data (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 5

  1. Central tendency and Variability
  2. Effect Size
  3. T-test and Probability
  4. Correlation Coefficients
         Dr Soh Kay Cheng

School-based Quantitative Research: Literature Review (CL)

(语文量化研究专科文凭Specialist Diploma 6

  1. Functions and Selection
  2. Excerpt, Criticism and Analysis
  3. Quantitative Data Analysis
  4. Citation Formatting
         Dr Lin Jinzhan

CL Quantitative Language Research Workshop

(Specialist Diploma)



Dr Soh Kay Cheng

Dr Li Li

Dr Zhang Limei

Dr Lin Jinzhan

Mr Lim Yee Pin


2. Registration
To register on Opal2.0 website by searching the course code under “Catalogue”, and apply on the class run.


3. Contact Details

Executive (Curriculum)

Ms Wong Sirong / Ms Wong Angel

Phone: +65 6467 5667 ext 241 / 248

Fax: +65 6467 1278



Curriculum matters

Mr Lim Yee Pin (MTT)
Dean of Curriculum

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