Course code: PPR0620
Design Theme-Based Activities based on NEL Framework 2022
by 巫永森博士 Dr Wu Yung-Sen
04-04-2023 (Tuesday)
2pm - 5pm 面授课程 Conducted Face to Face
24-08-2023 (Thursday)
2pm - 5pm 面授课程 Conducted Face to Face
Duration (Hrs)3

The Ministry of Education published the first curriculum framework, “Nurturing Early Learners: A Framework for a Kindergarten Curriculum in Singapore” in Year 2003. The framework defines the overall direction and approach to preschool education and lays down the fundamental and broad principles to quality teaching and learning for children aged 4 to 6. The Ministry of Education updated the framework in 2012. In 2022, the Ministry of Education updated "Nurturing Early Learners: A Curriculum Framework for Preschool Education in Singapore" based on contemporary research and practice updates.

Thematic curriculum refers to using a theme for the foundation of learning and integrating of children's learning content on the various developmental domains. Using the udpated "Nurturing Early Learners Framework" in 2022, this course introduces the content and characteristics of the thematic curriculum and discusses and planning the whole process of thematic curriculum design.


Participants will learn the following:

• Key content of Nurturing Early Learners Framework in 2022

• Guidelines to thematic curriculum design

• Selecting themes for teaching