Course code: PPE0542
Designing Tabletop Games for Children
by 巫永森博士 Dr Wu Yung-Sen
14-03-2023 (Tuesday)
2pm - 5pm 面授课程 Conducted Face to Face
03-08-2023 (Thursday)
2pm - 5pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
Duration (Hrs)3

In recent years, it is a growing trend in the European countries to play with tabletop and board games.

Tabletop or board games are a good way to replace screen time and screen addiction. Tabletop or board games generally refer to games that can be played on a table or any flat surface. The game can be in the form of board games, card games, dice games, pen and paper games, etc. The themes can be strategy, educational, reasoning or role-playing games. Games with diverse themes not only create fascinating situations but also stimulate children’s motivation for independent learning. This provides children with practical experience and skills to cope with challenges and improve on children's sense of accomplishment and cognitive thinking ability.

This course introduces the tabletop or board games that are commonly played with children and how to select developmentally appropriate games for children. Various tips on designing board games or rules of the games will be shared with the participants.

Participants will learn the following:

• Basic concepts of board games for young children

• Board game production process

• Designing rules of the game

• Mechanism design and highlight presentation of board games

• User experience of playing with the board game