Course code: PPR0590
Manga Pedagogy (Comics, and Physical Resources)
by 吴国雄博士 Dr Gary Goh
28-02-2023 (Tuesday)
9am - 5pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
25-07-2023 & 01-08-2023
1.30pm - 5pm (2 days course) 线上课程 Conducted Online
Duration (Hrs)7

Comics/ manga is an effective tool to engage students to learn Chinese. This course will systematically introduce the educational theories and teaching strategies of Manga Pedagogy in Chinese language. Participants will be exposed to many local and overseas educational comics, and physical resources, and how to use them to facilitate learning. The course will also introduce many comics-related activities and projects that can be held inside and outside of the classroom, so as to promote a conducive environment for learning Chinese. Participants will also work in groups to share and discussion ideas, and learn basic principles and techniques in comic-drawing.

Course Objectives: After the course, participants will:

1. Understand the theoretical foundations for Manga Pedagogy;

2. Be exposed to many educational comics and physical resources;

3. Understand different types of comics-related learning activities, and how they support learning;

4. Design strategies to use comics and its physical resources to teach Chinese;

5. Draw simple comics to support teaching and learning.

Dr Gary Goh
Gary is a Doctor of Education, and holds a Master of Arts (Chinese Studies) from the National University of Singapore. He used to be a Chinese language teacher, and has over a decade of experience in teaching Comics/ Manga Pedagogy. He has conducted many professional training for educators in MOE Teachers’ Network, Singapore Centre for Chinese Language, MOE school clusters, schools and pre-schools. Between 2004-2013, he worked with many teachers to start a manga pedagogical movement. They organised many comics-related competitions, activities and projects at the national, school and class level, to inspire students to love Chinese language and culture. Gary is also a local comic artist. His educational comics Doby The Little White Dragon was supported by the Promote Mandarin Council and the Chinese Language and Culture Fund. It is still the preferred comics chosen by many schools to promote Chinese culture. For more details on Comics/ Manga Pedagogy, visit the website