Course code: PPR0660
Strategies and Activities that Support Overall Learning of Children with Autism
by 郑臻貞博士 Dr Cheng Chen-Chen
27-02-2023 (Monday)
9am - 12pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
16-06-2023 (Friday)
9am - 12pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
Duration (Hrs)3
Children with autism need support in the areas of communication and social interaction. Their repeated, limited behaviors and patterns are sometimes in the way of their learning various skills needed for academic and daily living tasks.  However, preschool teachers can work with children with autism in their inclusive class when teachers develop a deeper understanding of the learning characteristics of children with autism. This course helps teachers and parents get to know the learning style of children with autism and guides teachers and parents to encourage children with autism to learn new skills using a variety of activities and games in their classrooms or at home.
Course Content:
1. Introduction of children with autism
2. Strategies and instruction that support overall learning of children with autism
3. Activities and games that can be used at school and home with children with autism
Dr Cheng Chen-Chen
Course presenter Dr Cheng Chen-Chen is currently an associate professor at the Department of Special Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University in Taiwan. She used to train early childhood education teachers in Singapore when she was a senior lecturer at SEED. Dr Cheng is a speech language therapist by training and holds the Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. She has served children and adults with disabilities and their families in both clinical and school settings for over 20 years. Working together with other professionals on an early intervention team,  Dr Cheng also provided assessment and intervention services for preschool children and support their families and teachers. Dr Cheng’s academic focuses include early intervention, communicative disorders, multicultural special education, and parent teachers collaboration.