Course code: PPE0502
Designing Literacy Activities and Games for Children
by 陈仁富博士 Dr Chen Ren-Fu
16-02-2023 (Thursday)
8.30am - 12.30pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
25-05-2023 (Thursday)
8.30am - 12.30pm 线上课程 Conducted Online
Duration (Hrs)4

Games are important in children's development where they learn about self-exploration and building on their cognitive skills through games. When engaged in games, children are happy and carefree. Through the process of participation, they are engaged with learning. Therefore, compared with the traditional passive language learning, using games to integrate into teaching Chinese for young children is a more enjoyable and effective teaching method.

We can make use of  games that children often play, such as, blow wind blow, supporting the front line, whack-a-mole, carrot squat, etc. or innovative physical activities, like twister, musical chairs, create rich and immersive learning environment for children under the rules and interactions of the game. No matter the game is in static or dynamic mode, it includes the basic ability learning of listening and speaking, as well as the ability of memory, thinking, reaction and creation. When using games to teach, there are individual, pair, group, and large group modes of interactive practice. Through the competition between individuals and the excitement of peer cooperation, the stimulation and social nature of the game can stimulate children's learning potential and drive oral expression natural language learning opportunities.

When using games to teach Chinese, the teachers can also check and evaluate children's learning status in the process of game activitie and make adjustments of the lessons at any time. The purpose of using games to teach is to let children learn Chinese in a happy way and create opportunities for children to speak and express. At the same time, it also allows teachers to use creative teaching methods to achieve twice the result with half the effort, and to gain a sense of accomplishment and happiness in teaching.

Through this course, participants will acquire skills of planning games and activities to teach Chinese and planning and designing of learning spaces in classrooms for games.