Course code: PPE0450
Applying Drama as Pedagogy in Storytelling
by 陈立莹讲师 Mdm Chim Lih Yieng
27-06-2023 (Tuesday)
1pm - 5pm 面授课程 Conducted Face to Face
Duration (Hrs)4

Integrating drama into picture books and stories can promote children's imagination and creativity. It will encourage children to express their emotions and ideas during play. At the same time, it also promotes children's motor development as they need to coordinate their body movements and control their voice when role playing with the different characters.

The course content includes:

1. Demonstrate body movements through games and drama.

2. Bring elements such as body movements, emotions, characters, imagination, engagement into picture books.

3. Demonstrate different drama teaching strategies such as using freeze frame, mirror, transformation and flip, characters on the wall, thought tracking, teacher's participation in the play and hot-seating etc.

4. Use picture books or story content combined with practical demonstrations to explain.