Course code: PPE0342
Strategies for Learning Chinese Characters
by 陈立莹讲师 Mdm Chim Lih Yieng
24-06-2023 (Saturday)
9am - 1pm 面授课程 Conducted Face to Face
Duration (Hrs)4

Drawing-assisted Chinese Radicals Teaching Method is designed to help children in understanding the visual structure and meaning of Chinese characters. Teachers will first show some drawings to children, then they will be guiding the latter to make logical inferences on the evolution of Chinese characters from the drawings based on their past experiences. Through understanding how Chinese characters evolve, children will be able to remember the meaning of the characters as well as how to write them. This teaching method does not only help preschoolers in mastering Chinese characters, but also make Chinese lessons more systematic, logical and interesting. In addition, it also helps preschool teachers to link the lessons up with Primary 1 Chinese Textbooks’ content on radicals. This will make the mastering of the visual structure and meaning of Chinese characters easier for students and hence inculcate a love for learning Chinese characters in them.


This course content includes:

  1. The principle and lesson plan of Assembly Unit Teaching Method, Character Traceability Method and Special Association Method.
  2. How to deduce and induce Chinese radicals.
  3. How to apply Drawing-assisted Radicals Teaching Method to pre-school education.
  4. Chinese character games.