Course Code: 13225 / CLI-000019
Language Interference Implications to Teaching CL as a 2nd Language (Pri/Sec)
by Mdm Min Yu & Dr Li Li
CategoryTeaching Literacy
Sub-CategoryLanguage Acquisition
Duration (Hrs)6 hours
Class Run 1
(Mode of Learning: Blended Learning)
【取消】异步学习:16/03/2022-23/03/2022 (1 hr)
Zoom同步学习:24/03/2022 & 25/03/2022
(2.00pm-4.30pm,5 hrs)
Class Run 2
(Mode of Learning: F2F)
(6 hrs)
VenueZoom/SCCL ( Location Map)

Objectives / Outcome of PD Activity

The Certificate in Teaching of Chinese consists of five modules. It aims to equip participants with relevant teaching and assessment strategies to teach Chinese Language more effectively and efficiently in the bilingual environment of Singapore.
At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
1. Understand how two languages interact in a bilingual child and what form of language interference they faced when learning Chinese language.
2. Enable trainees to identify language differences between Chinese and English language through contrastive techniques.
3. Enable trainees to diagnose language errors caused by language interference using error analyst technics.
4. Reconcile common errors found in students’ products.

Course Content / Synopsis

The course will cover the following topics:
1. Knowing our Bilingual Child
1.1 Types of Bilingual Child
1.2 Language features of the Bilingual Child
2. L1 and L2 Differences
2.1 Definition Differences
2.2 Linguistic Differences
2.3 Pedagogical Differences
3. The Concept of Language Transfer
3.1 What is Language Transfer
3.2 Types of Language Transfer and their Features
4. Errors due to Language Transfer
4.1 What are Errors?
4.2 Types of Errors
4.3 Pedagogical Solutions for Common Errors
5. Sample Analysis and Discussion


Course Outline / Structure

Online:   1 hours of asynchronous learning & 5hours of synchronous learning                                                         

Face to Face:   6hours


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