01 Wong Yoon Wah Professor Wong Yoon Wah
Organisation Southern University College (Malaysia)
Appointment Senior Vice President
Education Background Ph. D, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Research Interests Modern Chinese Literature


02 Wang Xiaojun Professor Wang Xiaojun
Organisation Western Michigan University
Appointment Professor for Foreign Languages, Director for Confucius Institute
Education Background Ph. D, University of Arizona
Research Interests Chinese Linguistics


03 John Jing hua Yin Professor John Jing-hua Yin
Organisation The University of Vermont
Appointment Professor of Chinese, Chair for Department of Asian Languages and Literatures
Education Background Ph. D, State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Interests Foreign and second language teaching


04 Liu Yongbing Professor Liu Yongbing
Organisation North East Normal University
Appointment Dean for Department of Foreign Languages
Education Background Ph. D, The University of Queensland
Research Interests Applied Linguistics;Discourse Analysis;English-Chinese Contrastive Studies


05 Lee Chi Kin John Professor Lee Chi Kin John
Organisation The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Appointment Vice-President(Academic), Chair Professor of Curriculum and Instruction
Education Background Ph. D, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Research Interests Curriculum and instruction theories


06 Lawrence Zhang Jun Professor Lawrence Zhang Jun
Organisation The University of Auckland
Appointment Professor of Language & Literacy Education at the Faculty of Education
Education Background Ph. D, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Research Interests Second Language Acquisition; Second Language Teaching


07 Tan Seng Chee Associate Professor Tan Seng Chee
Organisation Nanyang Technological University
Appointment Associate Professor and Head of the Learning Sciences and Technologies Academic Group, NIE
Education Background Ph. D, Pennsylvania State University
Research Interests Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning; Constructivist Learning


08 Roel Sterckx Professor Roel Sterckx
Organisation University of Cambridge
Appointment Joseph Needham Professor of Chinese History, Science and Civilization; Fellow of Clare College
Education Background Ph. D, University of Cambridge
Research Interests Early Chinese Civilization


09 Guo Xi Professor Guo Xi
Organisation Jinan University
Appointment Doctoral Supervisor, College of Chinese Language and Culture
Education Background Master's Degree, Nanjing University
Research Interests Applied Linguistics; Sociolinguistics


10 Lei Shi Professor Lei Shi
Organisation Huazhong Normal University
Appointment Professor of Education Science Institute
Education Background Bachelor's Degree, Hubei University
Research Interests Education Experimental Methodology; Compulsory Education Language Curriculum Standards Development and Curriculum Evaluation


11 Pan Li Chu Professor Pan Li Chu
Organisation National Taiwan Normal University
Appointment Professor for Department of Chinese Language
Education Background Ph. D, National Taiwan Normal University
Research Interests Classical Poetics; Study of Drama; Poetry Recitation; Modern poetry and prose; Creative Teaching and Language Teaching Materials; Teaching of Reading; Literary Aesthetics