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  1. Preface: New Technology and Chinese Language Teaching and Learning
  2. Core Elements, Plans, and Implementation of Technology-Enhanced Language Learning Research
  3. A Study on the Model Construction of K-12 Tech-Savvy Teachers’ Digital Competency
  4. The Impact of Peer Evaluation Using the Spiral Model of Collaborative Knowledge Improvement (SMCKI) on Second Language Writing Ability: An Exploratory Study in a Singapore Primary School Writing Class
  5. The Impact of Social Media Applications on the Learning of Chinese as a Second Language among Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong


  1. What Knowledge Should K-12 Teachers Master in the Digital Age? Review and Analysis on Nine Models and Frameworks on Technology Integration
  2. Hierarchical Cluster Analysis of Seven Emerging Intensifiers in Chinese
  3. Design of Concept-driven Curriculum in International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Language Acquisition Course
  4. Chinese Reading and Writing for Non-Chinese Speaking Junior Primary Students in Hong Kong: A Study of Teaching Effectiveness during COVID-19 Pandemic

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