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  1. The Framework for Literature Reviews with Multiple Functions in Empirical Papers: Taking Chinese Language Integrated Assessment Research as an Example
  2. Influences of Family and School Factors on Primary and Secondary School Students’ Reading Interest
  3. Design and Practice of Differentiated Teaching: The Teaching of Classical Chinese Prose Texts in the H2 Chinese Language and Literature Curriculum as an Example
  4. A Multiple-case Study on Teaching of Writing for the Ethnic Minority Students in Hong Kong in the Chinese as a Second Language Classroom


  1. Singapore’s Chinese Language Education and Assessment Policy
  2. An Ontology of Language and Cultural Differences— On Chew Cheng Hai’s Educational Philosophy
  3. A Study of Google Classroom-Based Chinese Language Teaching in a Singapore Secondary School
  4. Application of the “Framework of Six Types of Reading Comprehension Processes” in Designing Reading Tests for Hong Kong Primary School Students

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