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  1. Singapore’s Chinese Language Education and Assessment Policy
  2. An Ontology of Language and Cultural Differences— On Chew Cheng Hai’s Educational Philosophy
  3. A Study of Google Classroom-Based Chinese Language Teaching in a Singapore Secondary School
  4. Application of the “Framework of Six Types of Reading Comprehension Processes” in Designing Reading Tests for Hong Kong Primary School Students


  1. An Evaluation of Chinese Language Teacher Training in Southeast Asia: from the Constructivist Perspective of Teacher Professional Development
  2. Professional Competency of Chinese Language Teachers from Chinese Primary Schools in Malaysia: An Investigation in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur
  3. An Analysis Method to Improve Chinese Vocabulary Teaching
  4. Concept-Oriented Teaching: A Case Study of Its Influences on High-Level Reading Comprehension
  5. The Use of Literary Texts to Hone Character Description Skills of Secondary Students Learning Chinese as a Second Language: The “Illustration-Imitation-Writing” Model

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