Mdm Zheng Yingjiang

Master Teacher

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Educational Background

Nanjing Normal University

Nanjing Normal University

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Normal School Affiliated to Nanjing Normal University


Teaching and Research Experience

Master Teacher (CL)
Ministry of Education, Singapore
2013/01 ~

Head of Department, Subject Head & Chinese Language Teacher
Eunos Primary School
2001 - 2012


Kindergarten Teacher’s Normal School affiliated to Nanjing Normal University cum Teachers’ Training Center of Jiangsu Province
1995 - 2001


Other Professional Experience


Committee to Promote Chinese Language Learning, Ministry of Education, Singapore

Nurturing Early Learners Educators’ Guide (Chinese Language)

'Management and Leadership in Schools', National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University

Mandarin Tester
Mandarin Testing and Training, Jiangsu Province
1998 - 2001

Courses Conducted

  • Primary School Chinese Language Teaching and Learning
  • Preschool Chinese Language Teaching and Learning

Research Interests

  • Primary School Chinese Language Teaching and Assessment
  • Preschool Chinese Language Teaching and Curriculum Design

Others (awards, contribution, etc)

  • National Day Commendation Medal, 2012
  • MOE Service Excellence Award, 2010
  • National Inspiring Chinese Language Teachers’ Award, 2008


Selected Publications

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