Dr Lin Jinzhan

Head of Research / Senior Research Associate

Tel : (65) 6467 5667 #215
Fax : (65) 6467 1278

Email : jinzhan.lin@sccl.sg

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Educational Background

National University of Singapore

Xiamen University

Xiamen University

Teaching and Research Experience

Teaching Assistant
Department of Chinese Studies,
National University of Singapore
2007/08 - 2010/05

Courses Conducted

  • Introducing the Use of SCCL Online Corpus-based Teaching Resource

Research Interest

  • Chinese Lexicology
  • Lexicography
  • Chinese Philology
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Syntax and Semantics
  • Language Assessment

Selected Publications

  1. Zhao, C., Lin, J., & Goh, H.H. (2015) The Frequency Index on Types of Daily Chinese Sentences Encountered by Singapore Students. Singapore: NTU-SCCL Press. (ISBN: 978-981-09-6654-6)
  2. Lin, J.Z., Goh, H.H., & Zhao, C. (2014) The Frequency Dictionary of Daily Chinese Characters Encountered by Singapore Students. Singapore: NTU-SCCL Press.
  3. Goh, H.H., Lin, J.Z. & Zhao, C. (2013) The Frequency Dictionary of Daily Chinese Words Encountered by Singapore Students. Singapore: NTU-SCCL Press.
  4. Lin, J.Z. (2013) A Thesaurus of Modern Chinese. Singapore: The Commercial Press.

  1. Goh, H.H., Lin, J., & Zhou, H. (2016) Construction and Application of Education-Specific Corpora in Singapore. TCSOL Studies (CSSCI Journal), 2016 (2016(3)), 36-45. (ISBN: 1674-8174)
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  3. Lin, J. (2012) Senses Distance and Senses Dividing of Polysemous Verbs. Journal of Xiamen University (Arts & Social Sciences), 2012 (5), pp. 131-140. (ISSN: 0438-0460)

  1. Lin, J.Z., Ang, S.C., Tham K.Y., & Zhao, C.S. (2017, December) Developing a Reading Comprehension Item Setting and Analysis System for Primary CL Teachers. Paper presented at 8th International Forum on Chinese Language Education, Macao.
  2. Lin,J. (2017, February) An Exploration on Textbook Corpus Based Text Grading System. Paper presented at The Second Symposium on Chinese Language Teaching in the Sphere of Chinese Language Influence, Hsinchu City, Taiwan: NTHU Chinese Language Centre.
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