Mdm Zhou Hongxia

Senior Research Associate

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Fax : (65) 6467 1278

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Educational Background

Wuhan University of Technology

Hubei Normal University

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International Baccalaureate)
The University of Melbourne

Teaching and Research Experience

Part-time Chinese teacher
RELC, Singapore

Other Professional Experience

Research Associate
Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice, NIE
2007 - 2008

Research Interests

  • Second language acquisition
  • Chinese reading and writing
  • Chinese learning strategies

Selected Publications

  1. Zhou, H.X., Tan, C.L. & Goh, P.H. (2017) The Instructional Scaffolding of Chinese Writing Class in Singapore Primary Schools: The Theoretical Background of SMPFR and Design of the Lesson Plans. International Journal of Chinese Language Education, 2017 (1), 157-169. (ISSN: 2520-7733)
  2. Goh, H.H., Lin, J.Z., & Zhou, H.X. (2016) Construction and Application of Education-Specific Corpora in Singapore. TCSOL Studies, 63 (3), pp. 36-45.
  3. Zhou, H.X., & Tan, C.L. (2016) An Analysis of Teachers’ Scaffolding Awareness and Skills in the Scaffolding Teaching Model. Journal of Chinese Language Education (CSSCI Journal) , 14 (第2期, 总第28期), 72-87. (ISBN: 0219-810X)
  4. Zhou, H.X., & Tan, C.L. (2015) A pilot study on the instructional scaffolding model in Singapore primary Chinese writing classes. International Chinese Language Education, 2015 (2), pp. 109-120, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. (ISBN: 978-7-5135-7133-3)
  5. Zhou, H.X., Goh, H.H., & Kwek, S.H. (2013) A Corpus-based Comparison on Singapore Primary Students' Chinese Oral Vocabulary and the Singapooire Primary School Chinese Textbook Vocabulary. Journal of Chinese Language Teaching, 2013 (9), pp. 79-90.
  6. 周红霞、吴福焕、延晶 (2012) 新加坡小学华文教师课堂教学中非目标语的使用及功能浅析, 汉语应用语言学研究, 2012 (1)。北京:商务印书馆。

  1. Zhou, H.X., Tan, C.L., & Goh, P.H. (2016, May) Scaffolding strategies in Singapore Primary Chinese Writing Classes. Paper presented at The Second International Conference on Chinese Language Teaching and IB Curriculum, Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
  2. Zhou, H.X., & Tan, C.L. (2015, November) 鹰架教学模式中教师鹰架搭建意识及技能的培养. Paper presented at 第七届华文教学国际论坛, Wuhan: Singapore Chinese Teachers Union, Huazhong Normal University.
  3. Zhou, H.X., & Tan, C.L. (2014, December) 新加坡小学华文写作鹰架教学模式先导研究. Paper presented at 2014年国际学术研讨会-理解与对话:全球化语境下语言与文学教育, Hangzhou: Zhejiang University.
  4. Goh, H.H., Zhou, H.X., & Kwek, S.K. (2013, June) Continua of Mandarin Exposure and Competence: A corpus-based study on Singaporean Chinese Children. Paper presented at The 9th International Symposium on Bilingualism - ISB9, Singapore: NTU.
  5. Zhou, H.X., Goh, H.H., & Kwek, S.H. (2012, June) 基于语料库的新加坡华族小学生华语口语词汇研究. Paper presented at 第四届中青年学者汉语教学国际学术研讨会, Beijing: Peking University.

  1. Zhou, H.X. & Goh, P.H. (2017) I can write "what I see" and "what I think" —scaffolding instructions for picture composition writing. Singapore: NTU- SCCL Press.